causes of damage

When the power source of the LED flood lights fails, the second damage that occurs may be total failure of the device. Typically, the LED power supply causes electric shock if not controlled well as well as load side circuit failure. The input power over the electric shock is often caused by damage to the driver circuit chip.

Other causes might be breakdown of the capacitors as well as other passive components. Short-circuit failure causes the load side drive circuit to have excess current and due to this overheating damage to the LED flood lights occurs. The best thing is that the common causes of the damage to the LED flood lights have been known and thus it is a bit easier to prevent them nowadays than it was previously. Such common causes include the following.

1.White LED flood light is a voltage-sensitive device, in the actual work is to 20mA current as the upper limit, but often because of the various reasons in use to increase the current, if not taken protective measures, this increase in the current over a certain amount of time and amplitude after the LED will be damaged 1, A sudden rise in the supply voltage. 

2, the line of a component or printed lines or other wire short circuit to form the LED power supply path of the local short-circuit, so that the local voltage increase.

3, an LED because of its own quality causes damage, thus forming a short-circuit, its original voltage drop on the transfer to other LEDs.

 4, the temperature in the lamp is too high, so that the characteristics of the LED deterioration.

5, the lamp inside the water, water is conductive.

 6, in the Assembly of the time did not do anti-static work, so that the interior of the LED has been hurt by static electricity. Although the application of the normal voltage and current value, it is very easy to cause the LED damage.

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