600w soccer field lights

Razorlux 600W Soccer Field Lights With 5 Years Warranty

Introduction of Soccer Field Lights:

Are you looking for soccer field lights or soccer stadium lights? Razorlux LED offers LED lighting for indoor and outdoor soccer fields and stadiums nationwide. Shop now for indoor LED sports lighting and start saving on energy costs now. Great for soccer, baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, football.

The quality of soccer field lights mainly depends on illuminance level, illuminance uniformity and glare control degree. The level of illumination required by the athlete is not the same as that of the audience, and the level of illumination required for the athlete is relatively low, while the audience’s goal is to watch the game, and the lighting requirement increases with the viewing distance. 

The degree of glare produced by a luminaire depends on the density of the soccer field lights, the direction of projection, the number of places to watch in the field, the brightness of the environment, etc. In fact, the number of fixtures is related to how much the auditorium is. Relatively speaking, the training field as long as the installation of simple lamps can be, and large stadiums to install more soccer field light, through the control of the beam, to achieve high illumination, low glare purposes.

Features & Characteristic of Soccer Field Lights :

Rated Power: 600W

Power supply: Meanwell, Zhihai

Input Voltage: AC85-360V

Color Temperature: 2700-6500K

Lamp Efficiency: 120lm/w

Beam Angle: 15°, 20°, 30°, 60°, 120°, 140*60°

IP Class: IP65, IP67

Advantages of Soccer Field Lights:

1. The use of high brightness imported chips, high brightness, low energy consumption, low heat, long life to reach 50000H. 

2. Shell material: high-pressure cast aluminum shell, 4mm Tempered Safety glass characteristics.

3. Symmetrical and asymmetric two choice of light, glare control good.  

4. Lighting and electrical integration, lightweight and beautiful shape, simple installation.  

5. Dustproof and waterproof grade IP65,IP67. 

6. High-power led cast light irradiation distance of up to 5-30 meters, especially suitable for landscape architecture contour, outdoor plaza, wall, sports venues and so on.

7.Patented all-in-one design, ideal product for all project.

Projects Photos of Soccer Field Lights:

Soccer Field Lights

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