led flood light 30w

Description of 90 Watt Flood Lights:

90 watt flood lights are available in a wide range of color temperatures from 2700K (warm yellow) to 6500K (cool blue). 90 watt flood lights are very efficient with efficiencies approaching 120 lumens/watt. Not all LEDs are the same, and efficiency varies from product to product. Industrial LEDs last between 50,000 and 100,000 hours or more. The lifespan of a 90 watt flood lights driver is different than the LEDs themselves. It may be possible to replace the LED driver in the fixture to extend the life of the product.

Specification of 90 Watt Flood Lights:
Model of 90 watt led flood lightRGL-90A
Power ConsumptionLEDs:81W
Lamp Efficiency:10800 lm
Replace HID Lamp:150w-250w
Net Weight:8Kg(17.6lbs)
Color Temperature:4000K(Warm White)/6000K(Cool White)
Color Rendering:≥Ra80
Working Life:≥50000Hrs
Housing:Copper Free Aluminum
Finish:Cathode EPD
IP Class:IP65(Upgradeable To IP67)
Insulation Class:Class I (Upgradeable To Class II)
Working Humidity:10%~95%
AC Input:80~315Vac,(347Vac Available On Request)
DC Input:80~400Vdc,(12Vdc,24Vdc And Other Input Available On Request)
Power Factor:≥0.98
WarrantyLED Module:5 Year
Driver:5 Year
Housing:10 Year

Typical application:

Street | Bridge | Architecture | Warehouse | Stadium | Tunnel | Garden | Parking | Billboard | Plaza | Show Room | Factory |
Shopping Mall | Petrol Station | Conference Centers | Cold Storage | Floodlighting

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