Led Flood Light for Crane Lighting

The construction lighting around the tower crane is called the Searchlight. A LED crane light is a device that has a powerful light source and a concave that can focus light on a specific direction for long distance lighting and search purposes.

The laser beam can be concentrated in a small three-dimensional angle (usually less than 2 degrees) to obtain a larger light intensity by means of a mirror or lens. Considering the volume, weight and operation convenience of the device, most of the searchlights are provided with a tripod or movable vehicle, and a large searchlight even has a dedicated truck as its vehicle.

1, fixed lighting lamp voltage is not more than 220V, portable lighting lamp voltage not exceeding 36V, in addition, Gantry Crane should have more than two portable lighting sockets. 

2, door-type crane lighting equipment should protect the eyes, color temperature control around 6000k, eliminate glare, suitable for human visual habits. 

3, Crane lighting should be equipped with a special circuit, when the main circuit breaker disconnect, lighting circuits should be set short circuit protection. 

4. All electrical equipment of gantry crane, including the metal wire tube, the side of the safe illumination transformer must be grounded reliably. 

5, LED crane lighting equipment should have stable and reliable performance, impact resistance, strong seismic strength, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation. 

6, in order to safety considerations, usually, gantry crane wheel and crane track should be reliable electrical connection, especially in bad working environment, must increase grounding slip line or take other measures to improve the grounding reliability.

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