Tennis Court Lighting

A standard tennis court lighting covers an area of not less than 36.58 meters (length) x 18.29 meters (width). This size is also the net size of a standard tennis court surrounding the mesh or the interior of an indoor building. 

Within this area, the standard size of an effective doubles venue is 23.77 meters (length) x 10.97 meters (width) and a clearance of not less than 3.66 meters should be left behind each end line. Installation of the net in the stadium, two-column center measurement, the distance between the columns is 12.80 meters. The top of the net is 1.07 meters from the ground level, and the upper ground of the net center is 0.914 meters above ground level.

If there are two or more parallel tennis courts adjacent to each other, the distance between the edges of adjacent sites should be no less than 4 meters. If the indoor tennis court, the terminal line 6.40 meters above the net height of not less than 6.40 meters, the indoor roof net in the net above the net is not less than 11.50 meters. Surrounding outdoor tennis courts around the screen height is generally 4-6 meters, depending on the stadium environment (trees or building height) can be increased or decreased. 

Lighting stadiums need to be installed, in addition to indoor roof lighting, outdoor stadium and end of the line should not be set on both sides of lamps. Outdoor stadium lighting should be set on both sides of the screen from the ground surrounded by more than 6 meters above the ground, the light from the stadium uniform illumination on both sides of the scene.

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