led tunnel light fixtures

Analysis of the characteristics of LED tunnel lights

 (1) The use of a longer time: compared with the life of high-pressure sodium lamp, LED lights use longer. 

(2) The luminous efficiency is good: ordinary sodium light effect only achieves 40-50lm/w, but the LED illumination lamp light effect usually can reach 70-80lm/w. 

(3) has a relatively high color rendering: If the higher the color index, in the same brightness environment, people’s eyesight will be more clearly see the object of sight. Ordinary high pressure sodium lamps are only 23 color, is significantly lower than led lights for tunnel color index (RA=80) 

(4) LED lighting color temperature is lower, ordinary high pressure sodium lamp temperature value of about 2000k, but led tunnel light fixtures can reach 5000-8000k. 

(5) Have a good environmental protection effect: ordinary high pressure sodium light source with metal sodium, mercury elements, which belong to harmful elements, and the use of shorter time and LED lighting compared to the waste treatment process will cause serious environmental pollution. LED lights do not contain sodium, mercury and other harmful elements, so the environmental pollution degree is small. 

(6) Price is more expensive: because LED lighting is a new type of lighting equipment, lamp prices are high pressure sodium lamp price of about 3.5 times times, lamp prices more expensive.

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