monitoring system of LED stadium lights

It can be instantaneous restart metal halide lamp selection for a 400w led stadium light should be used in the number of instantaneous starting lamps, should be based on the size of the stadium, the nature of the sports competitions to be undertaken, as well as the cost of the whole project to determine. 

If the stadium only holds a general competition, then the use of instantaneous start lamps to ensure that the stadium emergency lighting required illuminance on it; if for a large stadium, often holding domestic and international competitions, the venue lighting should be all selected with instantaneous restart function of the lamp, to ensure the smooth conduct of the game.

Application of central monitoring system of emergency lighting in stadium heavy 1 the general control system of stadium lighting led plays an important role in building and emergency lighting system, it can guarantee the safety and rapid evacuation of personnel in emergency, so the maintenance of the system is not easy to ignore. Today most of the maintenance of the engineering system June 11 by manual completion. However, because the stadium size is generally relatively large, if only rely on human resources for the day-to-day maintenance of equipment, the workload is quite large.

With the development of science and technology, we have developed the technology of intelligent monitoring and management of highbay led flood stadium light, which is called emergency lighting central control system. If the technology can be applied to the stadium engineering, it can greatly improve the management efficiency, and can greatly reduce the workload of daily maintenance and maintenance of the system. 

The central monitoring system of emergency lighting is developed for the purpose of intelligent management of emergency lighting system. He can monitor and centrally manage the functions of emergency lighting fixtures, even in the very state of the emergency lighting system to ensure the safety of people and property.

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