bridge lighting

The goal of Nanjing Xianlin subway cable-stayed bridge landscape lighting project is to combine lighting technology with lighting arts to highlight the features of the Xianlin subway cable-stayed bridge; use reasonable lighting methods and equipment to save energy and electricity, avoid glare and light pollution Lighting equipment is safe, reliable and easy to maintain; it is coordinated with the surrounding environment.

LED lighting application analysis

In the bridge lighting project, the main tower lighting is generally the most important task of the entire lighting project. In order to make the main tower of the Nanjing Xianlin subway cable-stayed bridge shine brightly and magnificently, in the lighting design, six light emitting points are mainly set under the two side stay cables, and the light is cast from the bottom to the top. illuminate. The main application of the lamps is RAZORLUX’s latest research and development of high-power LED floodlights. 

The features of high power led flood lights:

1, low energy consumption. The total power of 600W, compared to the traditional 2950W HID large area wall washer, to save more than 70%;

2, high light efficiency. The maximum luminous flux of ZHGL-600W is 18000lm, and the illumination of 2 meters is 58000lux (15°);

3, intelligent. The luminaire can be controlled by the DMX encoder.

4, adjustable light. The light can be freely adjusted as needed. RGB 100% dimming, linear/non-linear dimming.

5, equipped with a wireless receiver, easy to control.

Cables of cable-stayed bridges resemble the strings of harp. They are one of the main load-bearing members of cable-stayed bridges, and they are also the focus of lighting engineering. Therefore, a large number of RAZORLUX ZHGL-400W are placed below the cable stays. Through the colorful changes of LED lighting, while illuminating the cable, it also creates a distinctive and artistic charm of the Xianlin subway cable-stayed bridge.

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