We work with architects, construction managers, electrical contractors and lighting consultants to engineer customized LED lighting solutions.Razorlux Lighting’s Architectural LED lights are developed and designed to be used for any kind of creative flexibility, while offering enormous savings in energy.

Location: Amfi Shopping Center, Norway

Fact & Figure of Client:

Ice and snow, cold and wet, the harsh outdoor environment in Norway is really challenged for all kinds of lights, Zhihai Genius LED is working like a robot against all those challenges.

Items: Zhihai 400W Genius LED Flood Light, ZHGL-400A

The architecture lighting in comparison with neighboring zones is necessary to highlight the architecture lighting with special attention. The main and additional coverage of access zones in residential homes, office and production buildings is most commonly used by the pendant and overhead fixtures that provide light. The outdoor architecture lighting which it is placed is best illuminated by the bright and economical lamps of the certainly compact series. The excellent design and functional features of this series are best suited to all requirements related to public areas and evacuation routes.

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