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Are LED Lights All Explosion-Proof Lamps?

As a salesperson of an explosion-proof electrical product, customers often ask "What is an explosion-proof lighting?" "What is an LED explosion-proof lights ?" "What is the difference between an LED explosion-proof lamp and an ordinary LED lamp?"

These are very simple common sense problems, in my opinion, perhaps because of the interlacing, such as the separation of mountains, some intermediate buyers and even the end of the use of customers are still ambiguous. In view of this situation, I decided to write this article to illustrate these issues.

What is an explosion-proof lamp? An explosion proof lamp is a dangerous place for the presence of flammable gases and dust. It can prevent arcs, sparks and high temperatures inside the lamp from igniting flammable gases and dust in the surrounding environment, thus achieving explosion-proof requirements. Lighting.

Different flammable gas mixture environments have different requirements for explosion-proof grades and explosion-proof forms of explosion-proof lamps.

According to the requirements of different flammable gas mixture environment, our common explosion-proof lamps have IIB and IIC explosion-proof grades. The explosion-proof forms are the full explosion-proof type (d) and composite flameproof type (de). The light source of the explosion-proof lamp can be divided into two categories.

One type of light source is a gas discharge lamp commonly used in fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, and electrodeless lamps. The other type is LED light source, which can be divided into patch light source and COB integrated light source. Our earlier explosion-proof lamps used gas discharge light sources.

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With the country's proposed energy-saving emission reduction LED light source has gradually grown. Razorlux explosion-proof lamp. This lamp is a typical gas discharge light source explosion-proof lamp, the following is a picture of the lamp:

Such luminaires need to be driven by a ballast when the normal work is lighted. The drive light without the ballast is not bright, so don't forget that there is an additional township when purchasing such lamps. The existence of the device. Of course, there are exceptions to the lamps,

For example, the following explosion-proof lighting:

The design of this lamp subtly integrates the external ballast into the interior of the lamp, which means that the lamp does not need to be equipped with a ballast device when it is used. It only needs to be connected with an external power supply. Not very convenient?

I know the meaning of the explosion-proof lamp. I believe that the LED explosion-proof light is easy to understand. The LED explosion-proof lamp is the type of explosion-proof lamp whose light source is the LED light source. It can be said that it is a classification in the explosion-proof lamp. LED explosion-proof lamp, because the light source is changed to LED, its whole lamp structure also has a certain change.

We use Shanghai Baolin explosion-proof LED explosion proof lamp to compare this:

Through the comparison of the pictures, it can be clearly found that the light source cavity of the LED explosion-proof lamp is much flatter than the light source cavity of the gas discharge lamp, which is mainly different from the size of the light source. LED explosion proof lights work also need to add driving power.

But it has the same effect as the BAD1503 - its drive power is also installed inside the lamp, it is more energy-efficient, more beautiful and smaller than the explosion-proof lighting. Is it heartbeat?

Ordinary LED lights refer to luminaires used in hazardous locations where non-combustible gases and dust are present. They are not required for explosion-proof grades and explosion-proof types. Like the LED lights we use in the office and office corridors are ordinary LED lights.

The difference between it and the LED explosion proof lighting is mainly that the former is mainly prominent in lighting, and the latter needs explosion-proof in addition to lighting, to avoid causing external dangerous environment explosion, to ensure the personal safety of public workers and to avoid loss of company property.

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