sports stadium lighting

With the improvement of sports status, stadiums, gymnasiums, sports lighting and other ancillary facilities have also become the focus of attention. In these parts, sports lighting accounts for a large proportion of the infrastructure!

In order to meet the functional requirements of different levels of sports and stadium lighting, sports lighting is divided into training, amateur competitions, professional competitions, TV broadcast countries, international competitions, major international competitions for TV broadcasts, and major international competitions for HDTV rebroadcasting.

Our usual luminaire efficiency is defined as “the ratio of the total luminous flux emitted by a luminaire to the total luminous flux emitted by all light sources in a luminaire under the specified conditions of use”. People often use this parameter to determine the energy saving of the lamps. In sports lighting specifications, it is usually required that the lamp efficiency should not be lower than 70%. The fact that this parameter is not necessarily effective in sports lighting, the high lighting efficiency is not necessarily a more energy-efficient application of the site, the efficiency of the lamp includes spilled light and other wasted light. The effective parameter for the new evaluation efficiency is the Coefficient of Utilization (CU).

Some professional software of sports field lighting fixtures provides CU’s calculation results. In general, the higher the CU, the more energy-efficient the lighting design of the venue.

In sports competitions, the required control strobe ratio is preferably less than 6%. The frequency of the power supply for metal halide lamps is 50 Hz. Some strobe flash problems can only be solved in a three-phase balanced manner, but they cannot meet the 6% requirement. Facing the strobe issue of ultra high-speed cameras, such as the 100 m finish line or other problems using ultra-high-speed cameras.

Since the LED is powered by DC, it can solve the problem of strobe in TV broadcast. In sports lighting, LED occupy this very important position!

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