Lighting Energy Costs

Converting to energy efficient lighting is the best way to save on energy costs and reduce operating expenses. Think about it, if you haven’t invested in LED lighting, you’re paying a premium for your old, inefficient light fixtures through higher utility costs, yet not realizing the benefits LED lighting provides.

Each month you budget a certain amount for your electric utility bill. Why not reduce your energy bill and use the savings to pay for updated, energy efficient LED lighting . Retrofitting your lighting is considered the low hanging fruit when it comes to reducing utility bills. Your facilty will be better illuminated, cooler and have an updated look. You’ll be investing in your building and your business!

Most businesses realize a payback of less than 3 years, even shorter if you operate multiple shifts. Think about it, where else can you earn 33% on your money?

Our specialty is providing energy-efficient lighting retrofits for manufacturing companies, warehouses which help to reduce energy use and provides significant cost reductions, all while typically improving cash flow.

We work off shifts, in order to eliminate any disruption of your operation.  Your entire project is managed by us, freeing you up to handle your day to day responsibilities.

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