sports venue lighting

Indoor stadium lighting quality sun color the best! Indoor badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, tennis, sports stadium lighting. Stadium lighting what kind of color, lighting quality is best? The positive answer is: the best sun! Some people may ask: Why do you say that the sun-colored stadium lighting, venue lighting quality is best?

Sports Field Lighting, the use of sports lighting are electric light source. The stadium lights are sunshine color it? The reality is that not all is. Some are the sunshine color, some are not the sunshine color. Spectral and visual principles tell us: the spectral energy distribution structure determines the color of light. Different kinds of sports venue lighting, different light emitting mechanism, different spectral energy distribution structure, stadium light color is different. That is the same type of sports lights, light the same mechanism. According to common sense, light color should be the same. However, due to differences in professional and technical standards of manufacturers, the performance and quality of venues will also be different, light color is different. Sports light fixture, where the spectral energy deviation from the visible light spectrum of sunlight distribution structure, it must not be the sun color. The larger the deviation of the spectral structure, the greater the deviation of the light color. For the stadium lighting the worse.

At present, the scale of investment in sports venues, such as floor, floor glue, equipment and other facilities, the grade between each other, has not changed much. To improve the quality of sports venues grade hardware measures, mainly to improve the lighting of the venue lighting and light color quality.

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