height of the badminton court lighting

How will the height of the badminton court lighting affect the lighting of the stadium? How high does the general lighting need to be installed?

 The height of the arena is different, the lighting is different, the actual lighting effect is not the same. Generally speaking, about 3-6 meters of the arena, because the height is low, it can take care of the coverage of light irradiation, and lower cost is also considered factors.

And more than 6 meters of badminton hall is not recommended to use row lights, on the one hand, the light decay rate of the lamp is larger, the light service is short, the replacement rate is high, and it needs frequent replacement. In addition, 6 meters above the arena installation of light, the impact of the arena empty degree, reducing the grade of the arena. 

More than 6 meters of badminton hall, recommended to use chandeliers, but not all led flood lights are suitable for use in chandeliers. There are many types of chandeliers, such as LED lights, metal halide lamps, and electrodeless lamps. Many badminton athletes do not like the chandelier layout, the main is that the chandelier is too dazzling, look up and see the ball. 

This is mainly because the arena with LED lights or metal halide lamps as lighting, and LED flood lights and metal halide lamps belong to point light source, strong light irradiation will affect the badminton light trajectory and route of the judge, strong light irradiation, prolonged contact will also have damage to the eye.

 So generally more than 12 meters high in the arena to suggest the use of chandeliers, strong light irradiation on the arena of high lighting coverage, high illumination. 6-12 meters height of the arena to install lights, it is recommended to use electrodeless lamp as a chandelier installation, preferably low-frequency electrodeless lamp.

Electrodeless lamp as a new type of lighting, the use of electrodeless light, no electrodes and tungsten trouble, belong to the light source light, soft and bright light to the eye to minimize the stimulation, and the low-frequency electrodeless electrodeless lamp not only not dazzling, no strobe, the service life is also long.

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