Badminton Court Lighting Layout

Badminton is characterized by its low difficulty of getting started and high participation, which is in keeping with the theme of our national fitness program.

The badminton sport has certain requirements for the venue, especially in the lighting field. If the lighting is not good enough to affect the athlete’s state, it can be said that “good lighting is half of the success.”

Badminton court lighting Layout – contrast

According to experts, the most important point in the field of badminton field lighting is how to master the contrast. In other words, finding a good balance between ambient light and accent lighting will give you more different results.

In contrast to space lighting, it is as important as other parts, and experts believe it is the most important. Different ambient light, different angles, and different positions are shaped in different proportions.

After the difference between light and dark, and even the proportion of shadow changes, the results are not the same.

Badminton Court Lighting Layout – professional

First of all, you have to know what kind of lighting projects you are dealing with in badminton courts, and also understand the composition of the space under each type of badminton court lighting project. The badminton lighting designer feels your professionalism and can give you enough trust.

Badminton Court Lighting Layout- color temperature

In the badminton hall, basketball hall, and table tennis hall, the color temperature of the venue is completely different, so each stadium has its unique atmosphere requirements. Imagine the color temperature of the office 4000K used for the hotel, what kind of strange atmosphere will be produced?

Badminton Court Lighting Layout – light distribution

What is light distribution? The same lamp, because the reflective material is different from the concave and convex surface, the form of the presented light spot is also completely different. We can tell whether the lighting is good or bad, in fact, is to see if it is good or not. A good lamp, its light distribution must be good, and the light must be clean.

Badminton Court Lighting Layout- lighting options

The choice of lamps is also crucial for badminton competitions. A few years ago, badminton court lighting was generally a metal halide lamp, but in the process of use, the problem continued, causing considerable trouble for the badminton court! The frequent occurrence of lighting quality problems such as glare, spilled light, and lamp heating has seriously affected the progress of professional badminton competitions.

After this, the stadium has updated the badminton lighting, replacing the metal halide lamps with more advanced LED sports lighting. In the field of badminton court lighting, Razorlux occupies a unique position.

It is understood that Razorlux is China’s first sports lighting company that provides foreign and international large-scale sporting events. Before that, they appeared in the World Cup as the lighting supplier of the U20 Women’s World Cup!

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