badminton court lighting
badminton court lighting

Razorlux 600W Badminton Court Lighting

Badminton court require lighting fixtures, especially for indoor badminton hall. For the recreational user, the lux requirement is about 200 lux. As for professional user such as LED badminton court lighting for international matches, it becomes 750 to 1000 lux. Depending on your sports field have natural sun light source, we will adjust the number of badminton lights used.

Razorlux 600W Badminton Court Lighting

Introduction of Badminton Court Lighting:

Razorlux badminton court lighting use high brightness u. s. original CREE diode as light, luminaire potency as high as 85-90lm/W, it will directly replace the standard lighting like high color rendering metal group lamp product, and meet adequate, uniform illumination demand for court game courts, Ping-Pong, table game and alternative sports venues. prime quality white LED sports lighting aims to produce the simplestive} looking at effect for macth.

badminton court lighting is energy-efficient, low carbon and environmental protection, over seventieth energy saving rate. This diode fixture with distinctive innovative standard -- one lense style and skilled, allows effective exposure of sunshine at intervals the scene, and brightness smaller area, so increasing brightness than the pitch, additionally facilitate athletes work out what course of action. Parker lamps and high lightweight potency, color-rendering index is high. Instant begin, no strobe, no adverse glare, wide operational voltage range; over voltage, underneath voltage protection, safe and reliable, long service life, simple installation and maintenance.

Features & Characteristic of Badminton Court Lighting:

Rated Power: 600W

Power Supply: Meanwell

Chip: Cree

Input Voltage: AC85-360V

Color Temperature: 2700-6500K

Lamp Efficiency: 120lm/w

Beam Angle: 15°, 20°, 30°, 60°, 120°, 140*60°

IP Class: IP65, IP67

Advantages of Badminton Court Lighting:

1. The use of high brightness imported chips, high brightness, low energy consumption, low heat, long life to reach 50000H.

2. Shell material: high-pressure cast aluminum shell, 4mm Tempered Safety glass characteristics.

3. Symmetrical and asymmetric two choices of light, glare control good.

4. Lighting and electrical integration, lightweight and beautiful shape, simple installation.

5. Dustproof and waterproof grade IP65, IP67.

6. High-power led cast light irradiation distance of up to 5-30 meters, especially suitable for landscape architecture contour, outdoor plaza, wall, sports venues and so on.

7.Patented all-in-one design, ideal product for all project.

Illumination level of badminton court lighting: 

illumination can reach the standard or not.

Vertical illumination should be more than 1/2 of horizontal illumination. While vertical illumination is same with horizontal illumination, the race environment is optimal.

The requirement of badminton court illumination is as below:

badminton court illumination

Projects Photos of Badminton Court Lighting:

badminton court lighting

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