Description of Basketball Court Lights:

Razorlux basketball court lights is suitable for residential, commercial or professional applications. High mast LED flood lights are applied to outdoor basketball court, such as backyard, high school, college, & public park.

Traditional stadiums usually use 400W halogen or sodium lamps, although cheap, but not durable, and very power-intensive, life is not long, but also to maintain. With the development of LED lamps, many courses now use LED lamps, a 150W LED lamps can completely replace 400W halogen lamps, more than half of the energy saving. LED lamps and lanterns not only save energy, but also life up to 50000 hours, no stroboscopic when working, that is, on and on, greatly improving the enjoyment of playing.

Standard Illuminance for basketball court lights

Sport Styles 

Eh Evmai Evaux

Horizontal illuminationVertical illuminationRaTk(K)
Amateur levelPhysical training1500.40.6654000
Non competition, recreational activities3000.40.6654000
Domestic competition6000.50.7654000



Professional level

Physical training3000.40.6654000
Domestic competition7500.50.7654000
TV broadcast domestic matches7505000.
TV broadcast international competition10007500.
HDTV rebroadcast competition200015000.
TV emergency7500.
outdoor basketball court lighting design
outdoor basketball court lighting design


Razorlux LED stadium flood light series widely used indoor and outdoor sites, such as tennis court, basketball court, lighting tower, badminton court, mining lighting and so on.

How Many Fixtures Do You Need to Light a Backyard Basketball Court?

Only two 400W LED Sport Lights were required to complete this project. With wide beam spreads of 120 degrees, these units were able to compensate for the low mounting height of 14 feet.

Outdoor Basketball Court LED Lighting

The APTA 166w LED Sport Light is IP65-rated, making it perfect for all outdoor conditions. Its 200,000-hour life and built-in 0-10v dimmable driver will provide many hours of on-court enjoyment.

For any level of play, we always recommend multiple points of light (i.e., not lighting a court with a single fixture). Multiple points of light help prevent shadowing and hotspots that can disrupt the game. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. We believe in that adage, even when lighting a backyard court.

outdoor basketball court led lighting
outdoor basketball court led lighting

Of course, this doesn’t mean a backyard court needs to be illuminated to collegiate levels, but it should have 2+ points of light so the lighting achieves the job it was set out to do.

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