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Description of Best Outdoor Flood Lights:

Best Outdoor Flood Lights – Designed to shine intense light in darker areas for outdoor events such as playing fields and are often motion activated.

Outdoor Flood Lights are functional, protective, romantic, and impressive lights that play an essential role in protection and pleasure. The primary use of outdoor flood lighting is for safety and security. They emit bright beams that are ideal not only for safety but also for outdoor parties.

The well-lighted area is significantly less likely to attract criminals, mainly because, if nothing else, there may be a better opportunity for people to take a look at them and then recognize them. In all the darkness, the criminals are much safer. 

Brightest outdoor led flood lights are brighter than their standard outside lights so you can see all the details of your property, and you can be sure nothing is happening that could be dangerous. Brightest outdoor security lights are excellent for stopping thieves within their tracks.

Best Outdoor Flood Lights
Best Outdoor Flood Lights

Features of Best Outdoor Flood Lights:

  • ​Widened and thickened adjustable metal bracket.
  • ​Impact resistant tempered glass panel.
  • ​IP67 waterproof and dust-proof rating.
  • Produce up to 10000lm high brightness.
  • Save 80% on electricity bill.

Parameter of Best Outdoor Flood Lights:

Ultria Genius  Genius Ⅱ

Model of 300 watt led flood light

Beam Angle 15° 20° 30°
Stable Flux(5700K after 1 hour) 36000lm
Dimension 474X388X982mm
Power Consumption  LEDs 270W
Power Supply   30W
Total 300W
Replace HID Lamp 600~800W
Net Weight 19KG
Color Temperature 5700K (2700~6500K available on request)
Color Rendering Ra75(Ra80,Ra90 available on request)
Working Life 50000Hrs
Housing Material Aluminum & Powder coating
Coating Zinc Rich Paint
IP Class IP 67 
Insulation Class Class I
Working Temperature -40C ~ 60C / -40F ~ 140F
Working Humidity 10% – 95%
AC Input 80~315Vac, (347Vac available on request)
THD <10%
Power Factor 0.98
5 years

Why Should You Buy a LED Flood Light?

Are you still skeptical on the need to buy a LED flood light? The following should convince you that a LED Flood Light is the right decision to make:

Energy Efficiency

One of the advantages of LED Flood lights its energy efficiency. Unlike incandescent lights which lose over 90% of its energy to heat, this is not the case with the LED Light bulb. They shine brighter while still using very minimal light.


Another fantastic feature is its ability to last for an extended period before there is a need for replacement. While an incandescent light lasts only for about 1,000 hours, a LED light can last up to 50,000 hours.


The LED Lights are very versatile. It can be connected to a big lighting network and then controlled with the aid of smartphones or tablets, thereby creating an enabling environment for more unique designs. They are easy to install, customizable and smart.


LED lights do not contain toxic elements such as mercury and lead and hence are safe to dispose of in the trash can or recycled.

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