Basketball court lights: in the field of lighting subdivision is the scope of sports lighting, stadium lights is a kind of, including outdoor basketball courts, indoor basketball court lighting known, lighting is the use of spotlights, floodlights and other special lamps, Technical indicators to consider more illumination, uniformity, glare and so on.

March 2, 2018, Chinese Traditional Lantern Festival. This day, Zhihai Company held a summary meeting in 2017, the company leaders summed up the speech, and praised the outstanding staff. 2018 years of work plan, I hope that 2018 will be able to provide customers with quality products and better service. 

Then we toasted the Lantern Festival and celebrated it with joy. 2018, every employee in Zhihai will be dedicated to the general customer service, if you need led flood light, LED stadium lights, please contact us.

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