LED flood lights

Recently, the Indian Ministry of Electronic Information Technology issued a document, the third batch of 13 types of electronic products have been added to the mandatory registration product range. This official document came into effect on February 16, 2018 and includes 13 types of electronic products including embedded LED lamps, LED flood lights, UPS uninterruptible power supplies or frequency converters, home adapters, smart watches, and more.

According to the introduction of Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, according to the Circular No. 29 issued by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry of India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry, all imports of products belonging to the 109 kinds of compulsory import certification products of the Indian Bureau of Standards, foreign manufacturers or importers in India, BIS) to apply for import product certification, customs clearance of imported goods based on certification. India BIS certification covers agricultural products, textiles, electronics and almost every industrial area.

Yangtze River Delta is China’s LED middle and upper reaches of the business center of the main concentration, and Changzhou LED industry enterprises above designated size nearly 30, the main products include China 400w led flood light, LED chips and epitaxial wafers, sapphire substrate materials, LED production equipment and ancillary products .

According to the relevant expert from Changzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Jiangsu Province, India is an important trading nation for export of electromechanical products in the Yangtze River Delta. This time, 13 types of electronic products will continue to be compulsory certification, which will have a significant impact on exports of Indian electronic products in the Yangtze River Delta .

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