LED lights

A lighting revolution triggered by advances in semiconductor technology is unfolding in full swing. LED light replaces incandescent lamp, light up millions of households. China has become the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductor lighting products, consumption and export countries. “Semiconductor lighting Industry” Thirteen-Five “development Plan” proposed, 2020 semiconductor lighting industry overall output value amounted to 1 trillion yuan.

Semiconductor lighting, including light-emitting diode led and organic light-emitting diode OLED, with less power consumption, long life, rich colors and other characteristics, known as the “lighting field of a technological revolution.” Suddenly a spring breeze comes. In just a few years, LED flood lights quickly replaced traditional incandescent bulbs.

Behind the “Spring Breeze”, there is technological innovation and policy guidance. In recent years, the government has promoted the green transformation of lighting industry by strengthening macro-guidance, strengthening scientific and technological innovation, perfecting policy standards, implementing energy-saving reform and other measures.

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