characteristics of basketball stadiums

The lighting characteristics of basketball stadiums put forward professional requirements for the sports lights selected for stadium lighting design.

The visual principle research findings were revealed and verified by the actual case of stadium lighting.

Then, in the actually led lighting for basketball court energy-saving project, in order to ensure the visual image of the air sphere, to achieve a certain degree of clarity and realism, what professional optical parameters of the venue lighting should have it?

According to the lighting design experience of high-end sports venues in the city, basketball lights should have the professional technical performance and quality of the solar color.

Sun color. The basketball court lighting should be the equivalent of sunlight from 10 am to 3 pm. The light is pure white, bright, clean and comfortable. According to the concept of color temperature in the stadium lighting industry, the color temperature of the venue lighting should be around 6000K. In particular, the emphasis here is a pure 6000K color temperature of white light color.

The color temperature of lights for outdoor basketball court should be a pure white light near 6000K, because the spectrum determines the light color, and a certain light color always corresponds to a specific spectral energy structure. As long as the site lighting is the pure white light of about 6000K, the corresponding spectral energy will be close to the visible spectral distribution structure of sunlight. The light color of the stadium light will be close to the bright white and pure sunlight.

The reason why the stadium lighting should be the color of the sun, but also because the sun is the mother of all things. It is the seven-colored light of the Red Sun that shines on the earth and the blessings of all creatures. Only in this way can there be a prosperous and prosperous life. Visual physiology tells us that light and color in the human living environment not only generate visual perception in the human visual perception system but also enable human beings to survive and multiply. More importantly, the light environment is the nutrition and condition of the human visual health and evolution. The human perception of the sun’s visible light energy is the result of mankind’s evolution from ancient times to the present. It does not follow the will of man, but only follows it scientifically.

According to the basketball light lighting design experience, the color temperature of the stadium lighting is slightly lower than 6000K, and the lighting effect of the stadium lighting is still quite good. If the color temperature of the stadium lamp is higher than 6000K, the lighting quality of the stadium will be reduced to varying degrees. The higher the color temperature, the greater the degree of reduction.

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