stadium lights

Indoor Stadium Lighting project, four kinds of venues lamps single lamp power range is as follows:

 1, Metal Halide lamps: used in civil indoor badminton venues lighting Gold halide lamps, most of the use of nominal power of 400W metal halide lamp. There are also some badminton venues to choose the 250W metal halide lamp. Usually, it is fitted with a flood light shade or a dark-illuminated lampshade. 

2, the discharge of light: Now, most of the use of the T5 of badminton court, is a combination of energy-saving lamps, a row of lights on one side, usually installed 7 T5 energy-saving lamp. T8 fluorescent lamp combination of light, very few people use. Single T5 straight tube energy-saving lamp, rated power is 28W. One single row light power =28w*7= 196W. If it is double-sided light, the rated power is 392W. 

3, High-frequency electrodeless lamp: High-frequency electrodeless lamp rated power specifications more, used in badminton stadium lighting, most of the choice of 180W electrodeless lamp. There are some sports venues with more power to choose, very few badminton hall using 120W or so electrodeless lamp. 

4, high-power energy-saving lamps: In the led stadium lighting, most of the use of 6U and 8U high-power energy-saving lamps, there are some badminton venues using the U and U. Nominal power ranges from 120W to 280W.

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