industrial led lighting

In the energy consumption of the factory, the illumination energy consumption occupies certain quantity. For example, in a 40,000 square meters of plant buildings, lighting electricity load of about 400KW, therefore, in the selection of industrial led lighting, how to achieve energy saving, environmental protection is placed in the factory designers an important issue.

The use of new LED light source lighting, in addition to energy saving and environmental protection, it also has a long life, fast response time, light color pure light concentration, and other advantages, in recent years, widely favored by consumers.

  1. Chip selection: Currently on the market led high bay light fixtures source more well-known brands are: CREE, OSRAM, NICHIA, Lumileds (the first LED), in addition to Taiwan’s Crystal Yuan, Addison is also the use of more popular brands. To ensure product stability, cost-effective and practical.
  2. Power selection: Traditional miner’s lamp with 400W halogen lamp and new type of LED high bay lightcharacteristics contrast, there are more obvious differences. In view of the actual use of halogen lighting failure and two light problems, its actual luminous efficiency is lower than 30lm/w, often can not reach 70%. According to this, we first developed high bay light power set to 150W or so, once the lighting effect to meet the expectations, that is, more than the traditional lighting energy saving more than 60%.

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