Swimming Pool

Indoor swimming pool lighting is applied in the indoor swimming pool, the main effect is to help us in the night also can enjoy the fun of swimming pool, so small makeup today is to introduce some indoor swimming pool lighting decoration design, hoped everybody reference to understand, convenient later have good use effect.

Indoor swimming pool lighting – consider ambient lighting

First of all, the most important thing that is often forgotten is to forget to consider the lighting of the surrounding environment when designing the lighting of the pool, only to design the pool itself.

We need to remember that the pool lighting of the three important functions: light up the pool on the ground and wall, light the people and the objects in the water swimming, and illuminates the water itself have certain glare effect. The final one requires small particles or bubbles of water to shine a light on.

Pool lights need to be able to catch up with the brighter ambient light, so there are a lot of pool lights. Because ambient light is an indirect form of lighting, it greatly reduces the flood and glare generated on the water surface. To make the lighting in the pool more uniform, the beam Angle of the pool lamp is about 90 degrees.

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