500w led flood light

Description of Construction Lighting:

Construction Lighting are expected to be bright enough to light up the Construction site. Many construction sites work all night. Therefore, lighting at the construction site is a prerequisite for continuous and uninterrupted projects to be conducted in all seasons.

Construction sites can be dangerous places to work. The requirement to know where it is safe to walk of drive is essential. Waysafe offers the ability to clearly mark the safe route or area of danger throughout the site. Construction crews could be called upon to work in virtually any environment under the sun, and they are usually working against the clock. For build sites with long hours, proper construction lighting is a necessity to ensure the safety of workers and to stay on schedule.

Razorlux Lighting has a vast array of lighting and portable power distribution units that can suit virtually any construction environment. We provide explosion proof lights, LED area lights, and even specialized lights such as our exclusive crane mount light, which can provide enough overhead light for an entire site, almost eliminating shadows completely.

As always, Razorlux Lighting is happy to provide expert advice and training on any of our products and we are willing to custom build explosion proof lighting, flood lights to suit your needs.

Features of Construction Lighting:

1. Name:500w led flood light
2. Color:  Cold White(Grey). WarmWhite(Black).
3. LED Quantity: Cree LEDs
4. Working input Voltage: 110V( for world wide)/50 / 60Hz
5. Warm White: 3000K-3500K(black), White: 4000-4500K, Cold White: 6000K-6500K
6. CE,,UL Certificate guaranteed
7. Waterproof Grade: IP67
9. Lumen :60000lm
10. Size: 471x 487 x 388 mm
11. LED type: SMD, Cree LED, illumination angle (degrees): 15° 20° 30° Degree

Razorlux’s Construction Lighting

Working on this work requires special Construction Lights fixtures such as projectors that can guarantee a wide range of coverage at construction sites, quarries, pits, airfields and other large plazas.

However, construction site conditions cannot be installed in the immediate vicinity of luminaires, and require a light flow direction starting from a considerable distance.

Our Construction Lights are designed to maximize lighting effect and brightness according to various functions. In short, our main objective of LED spotlights is to produce strong rays with long range characteristics. Typically, LED Construction Lights & flood lights are used to more strongly to illuminate the area and contrast with the surrounding space.

Application of construction lighting:

construction site lighting
construction site lighting

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