Wholesale marine led flood light

Currently, the marine sector is actively transitioning from incandescent lights to energy-efficient LED lighting. An example of this trend is US-based Direct ChassisLink, Inc. (DCLI), which recently announced it successfully converted a whopping 80 percent of its fleet to LED lighting.

This is significant, as DCLI is one of the largest chassis leasing and rental company in the country. These days, transitioning to LED boat lights are not just for large companies. Increased accessibility to the technology has allowed private boat owners and dock operators to use and benefits from LEDs.

LED Boat Light Advantages

One of the main reasons LEDs are being chosen over incandescent variants is due to energy efficiency. By transitioning to LEDs, individuals are able to decrease energy consumption by roughly 80 percent. This massive reduction would enable boat owners to allocate power to other equipment on the vessel or dock.

Other benefits of LED boat lights include: solid-state builds, 50,000+ hour expected lifespan and brighter light output with higher color temperature ratings. Inside vessels, compact LED units cater to space-saving installations along stairs, hallways, storage rooms, cabins and engine rooms.

LED Dock Lights

In addition to boats, dock lighting systems may also utilize LEDs to improve operation and safety. An example of a frequently used LED for marine docks is circular recessed LED units. These small lights are installed on pathways leading to entry and exit points of the dock. They can be setup directly on the ground, as direct contact with the lights would not typically cause failure. To ensure durability, the units can be protected by polycarbonate and incorporate waterproof builds.

When used as markers, LEDs are an ideal choice for showcasing the port and starboard locations on the dock. This type if lighting system (red and green) is essential for safety and compliance in busy docking locations.

LED Lighting for Your Boat Made Easy

If you are thinking of converting your boat to LED lighting , then the Seattle base company “DR. LED” has a marine LED bulb conversion.

selection guide, for converting incandescent to LED for interior and navigation lights, that are now available on iOS and Android devices.

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