football stadium flood light

In the design and application of the emergency lighting of large and medium-sized stadium, it has the same aspect as the common civil architecture, also has its own characteristics, in the system design should be considered from the following two aspects: normal game, if encountered power failure, emergency lighting system should be able to ensure the stability of public order and the continuation of important competitions; in an emergency. 

The emergency lighting system should be able to ensure the evacuation safety of the personnel in the field. This paper will discuss some problems in practical application.

Application of instantaneous starting type gas discharge lamp in the emergency

illumination of cheap led stadium lighting

  1. Lighting Mode of cheap stadium led flood light layout generally adopts four tower, multi tower type, light belt type, mixed type, its light source generally uses metal halide lamp. Field lighting power supply, a situation is to use two power supply, one use, when the normal power supply failure, standby power automatically input;
  2. another situation is two power supply, the normal situation of two power supply half of the load, when one of the faults, switch to another power supply, from the normal power to ensure the full load of electricity. Regular international competitions are also equipped with diesel generating set equipment for the normal power supply failure, part of the competition lighting technology evacuation lighting electricity; In the event of a major competition, the power supply can be supplied with all customized highbay led flood stadium light to ensure the smooth conduct of the competition.

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