LED tunnel light

With the changing needs of people and the continuous development of technology, in recent years there have been a variety of street light and tunnel lights different from the above ideas, summarized as follows: Drive-free integral street lamps, tunnel lights.


This lamp appearance and the monolithic There is no difference between the lamps and lanterns, the essential difference is that the lamps and lanterns have no external driving power, but this does not mean that does not need this driving link, but drive the part ingeniously and the LED lamp bead is welded to make in a whole circuit board (Usually aluminum substrate), the entire lamp can be directly connected to the utility grid can work, this lamp looks relatively simple.

Drive-free modular street lights, led tunnel lighting manufacturers

The biggest feature of this lamp and the lamp is the same, that is, there is no external drive power. The difference is that the light-emitting part of the lamp is an integral, indivisible, and the light-emitting part of the lamp is composed of more than one independent module, also known as the module, the modular structure and the above-mentioned modular lamp is the same .

The driverless technology described above has been more common at KIA 2016. Many manufacturers have introduced their own driverless module, which is a major technical led street light of the show.

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