1200W LED flood lights

Difference between Flood and Spot Light

The difference between floodlight and spot light is not only reflected in the visual effect of illumination, but also in the use of floodlight and spotlights. The difference between floodlight and projection light is that the floodlight cannot be built too much, so it will appear dull in the visual effect, and pay more attention to the lighting parameters and the effect on the whole effect picture scene.

The need to pay attention to the outdoor led flood light beam is the most accurate, high purity aluminum reflector, the best reflection effect, symmetrical narrow angle, wide angle and asymmetric light distribution system, the projection light lamps are attached to the scale Board to facilitate the adjustment of the shining point of view.

The difference between the floodlight and the led flood lights 100w supplier is also reflected in the scale between the two, the projection lights are called as projection lights, spotlights, lights and so on, mainly used for the construction of decorative lighting and commercial space lighting, its decorative components are heavier, in the shape of the design of more varieties. Floodlight is a kind of light source that can illuminate the point of all everywhere, its illumination scale can be adjusted arbitrarily, the standard floodlight can be used for illuminating the whole scene.

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