LED high mast lighting

LED high mast light, as the name suggests, the pole is very high, compared to the normal lamp. High Mast Street lamp has the advantages of high light pole, large irradiation range and far distance of irradiation, and it is widely used in urban main trunk roads, highways, city squares, stadiums, overpasses, airports, stations, port terminals and other places where people, cars and things flow frequently.

Wholesale high mast lighting (English: Led high Mast Lights) generally refers to more than 15 meters of steel column-type lamp bar and high-power modular lamp frame composed of a new type of lighting device, simple structure, high strength, good reliability, the entire bracket light plate irradiation range, irradiation distance, LED light module light efficiency, long service life, Low maintenance rate and low cost.

The wholesale led high mast light includes the flange base, the pole which is fixed vertically above the pedestal, the lamp body set at the top of the lamp pole, the Lightning rod, wherein the light source on the lamp body is the high-power LED light source module. A plurality of LED light source modules are uniformly arrayed in each lamp circle along the periphery of the lamp circle, forming multilayer LED light source module illumination layer, the LED light source module is fixed in the corresponding connecting bracket respectively, each LED light source module illumination layer installs the installation illumination elevation angle.

Wholesale Led High Mast Lighting through the beam control to limit its beam angle, such as the beam angle of 90 degrees, 60 degrees, 30 degrees, 15 degrees, so that the high pole lamp to meet the requirements of light lighting. The light beam angle of the deep illumination type high pole lamp is small, generally 30 degrees or 15 degrees, this is to achieve a more long-range projection of the requirements of the wide-type high pole lamp beam angle is larger, generally 60 degrees or 90 degrees, mainly to meet the light pole area near the illumination requirements. Under the conditions of the same application environment and the installation mode of lamps and lanterns, the deep illumination type high pole lamp projection distance, but in the vicinity of the lamp pole area illumination value is low, but the broad illumination type high pole lamp pole nearby area’s illumination value is higher, but the projection distance is inferior to the deep illumination type china high mast lighting fixtures.

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