how to dim led lights

Sometimes, consumer needs to save more energy when no need high lux level in the same led lights area at different time, so the dimming function comes out to meet this request. The common type is the 1-10Vdc dimming driver. It realizes the dimming function by alternating the voltage of the power supply. The steps are as below:

Firstly, the driver input cable needs to be accessed with power supply(Voltage range AC 100V~400V 50/60Hz). Brown-L to “Live” wire,Blue-N to “Null” wire and Yellow Green-PE to Earth Wire.

Secondly, connect the light dimming cable with 1v-10v poles on the dimmer. The white wire is connected to the 10v signal output V+ pole and the black wire to dimming controller 10v signal output V- pole.

Dimmer control output:

Voltage range:  DC 1V-10V

Current Range100mA-1000mA.

Working Mode One:When the led lights DIM controller cable is pending in the air without accessing dimming controller, the light power is fully 100% rated power after switch on.

Working Mode TwoWhen the lighting DIM controller cable access with 10v dimming controller which outputs a signal voltage less than 1v, the led lights power is 100% fully output rated power after turning on; the dimming controller output signal voltage adjusted to 1v, the lighting power is 30% rated power after turning on. When the controller’s port voltage is adjusted higher gradually, the lighting power will increase accordingly until adjusted controller’s voltage to 10v, the lighting power is 100% rated power. At this time, the lighting power is the rated full power.


The dimmer signal voltage cannot exceed DC 10V. If the dimmer output voltage is over DC 10V in accident cases, the lighting power will exceed the lighting largest rated power. The led lights’s quality will be declined or will make the light broken.

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