Spacing between High Bay Lights

The spacing between lights is also an important factor in choosing high bay LED High Bay lights. There are three most common cases that you can consider to find the best light for your space.

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These are listed below: 
• At 15 feet height, about 12 feet spacing is essential for a bright light. However, if you need normal light, a space of 15 feet should be present. • At 20 feet high you can go to 15 feet spacing for generating bright light and if you need normal light, a spacing of 18 feet should be used. • At 30 feet height, you can go for 20 feet spacing between the lights in order to get a brighter light. However, for normal light, you can go for 25 feet spacing. 

What are the high bay lights?

Just as the name suggests, high bay lights are specifically designed for tall ceilings and larger areas. They’re powerful and offer a strong illumination even over long distance. For this reason, they are best suited for use in commercial and industrial purposes such as warehouses and retail stores. They’re basically used for the ceiling that ranges from 20 to 50 feet. The reason for this is because high ceiling setting offers more space to fill and their powerful light source can brighten up a huge area. There are many options of high bay light applied in different sectors. Let’s have a look at their application.

How far should the high bay lighting be apart in factory or warehouse?

It is essential to consider the correct distance or space to place the light. You need to consider about three cases when opting for high bay lights for your lighting needs. Below are the cases;

1. At 15 to 19 feet height

If you want a bright light in your factory, place the light about 10 – 12 feet spacing. In case you want a normal light, the ideal lighting space should be maintained at 14 feet high. If the high bay lights are wider apart, they can give a more uniform ground illumination, which is better for worker safety and productivity.

2. At 20 to 29 feet high

You can opt for a 18 to 20 feet spacing if you need to generate bright light. In case you want a normal light, then a spacing of up to 16 feet is ideal. Since the mounting height is higher, we will need higher power high bay lights. Besides, we need to use a wider beam angle if we select 20 feet spacing for high bay lights. It is because the light beam can be evenly spread across the rack.

low bay lighting
low bay lighting

3. 30 feet or higher

If you own a spacious warehouse with high ceiling height, consider a 20 feet spacing between the lights to get bright light. However, in the case of normal light, 25 feet spacing is appropriate. In this case, we will need to mount 400 watt to 1000 watt LED high bay to provide sufficient brightness.

Many new factory buildings, when buying LED high-bay lights, there will be a problem: How much power should I choose for my LED high-bay lights? If it is the same price, is the power the better? Today Xiaobian received an enquiry, 8 meters high, 6 meters spacing, how much power LED high bay light?

On this issue, Xiaobian wants to say that the same price, not the greater the power, the better. Mainly depends on your plant height, cloth spacing, illumination requirements, etc. If the power is too large, the waste of electricity will not be said, it will be too bright, but it will bring counterproductive effects to the lighting. 8 meters high, 6 meters apart, how much power LED high bay lighting?


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