80W LED street light

Power supply of LED street light is a very common power supply products. Street light power is not only different power size, a wide range, but also uneven quality in the market.Then in the face of uneven LED street lamp power products, how should we distinguish the LED street power supply is good or bad?

Look at the Lightning protection of LED street lights. How to install the street lights in the outdoors, lightning is a very big threat, so we need to be on the street lighting to deal with lightning.

Street light external Lightning protection combined with the internal lightning protection, in the street light installation location set the lead and simple Ground network.These systems form an external lightning protection system, which avoids fire and personal safety accidents caused by lightning.Internal lightning protection system refers to the LED street lamp power inside through the grounding, set voltage protection and other ways to protect the street lamp. So if you want to distinguish the quality of LED Street power supply, lightning performance is one of the standards.

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