LED street lamps

Most of the street lamps that appear in our lives are LED street lights. Because LED street lamps are different from traditional ordinary street lamps, LED street lamps are more energy-efficient and different from ordinary street lamps. LED street lamps have a longer service life. 

The most important thing is that Cause environmental pollution. There are a lot of lamps around us that bring us more lighting, and we should know more about the process of choosing to buy, for example, no matter what kind of lighting, its price is different. LED street light will become the best choice for energy-saving retrofit. His power consumption is low, light efficiency is high, and life is long. Road lighting is the most important part of all the cities. Traditional street lights often use some high-voltage street lights and his The biggest shortcoming is the waste of energy, and our global environment is getting worse day and night, polluting the air, and our countries are developing some clean energy.

There is a serious shortage of LED street lamp power supply, and energy conservation is the most problem we need to solve in the whole world. Therefore, it is of great significance to develop some new types of LED street lamps with high energy-saving and long-life life-saving and high color rendering index for urban lighting energy conservation. Road lighting is closely related in our life. As our urbanization process accelerates, street lamps The selection of power consumption is low, the driving characteristics are relatively good, the response speed is relatively fast, the seismic resistance is relatively high, and the practical life is relatively long. These advantages of green environmental protection are not used by us.

LED street light is different from conventional street light. Its light source adopts some low-voltage DC power supply. It has high efficiency and safety, energy saving, long life and fast response. The outer temperature of the cover is 130 degrees, reaching minus 45 degrees. The characteristics of light unidirectional, no light diffusion to ensure the efficiency of light, and even he has a unique secondary optical design, the illumination of the street lights, the area of the illumination is further improved, the efficiency of light to achieve energy-saving purposes . So many people will choose this LED street light and its price is relatively different. In the process of purchasing, we should choose one that suits you.

The LED street lights were INTENSELY bright, much more so than the “old-fashioned” sodiums. Looking up was like staring into the sun. If you have the opportunity, step under an orange sodium street light and then under an LED. You’ll be amazed at the difference in light intensity. To gauge the approximate difference in brightness between the two, I pulled out my camera and took a light meter reading on the pavement beneath an LED lamp and then under a high-pressure sodium lamp. The LED was brighter by more than more than one camera “stop” or more than twice as bright.

You can’t complain about the color rendition – the whiter LED light is far better – but the increased intensity doesn’t bode well for stargazers.

As long as LEDs are shielded, light spill and glare are relatively well-controlled, but light reflected from the ground also goes up into space to light the sky. Here in the northern U.S. where snow typically covers the ground from November through March, winter night skies are the most light polluted; LED street lighting will only exacerbate the situation.

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