golf course lighting standards

Golf course lighting design must consider another focus problem, but also the player complained about one of the most problems. In sports lighting design, the definition of glare and numerical requirements of the standard is FIFA’s stadium lighting standards, the main factors affecting glare is the glare control characteristics of lamps and lanterns, lighting design and surrounding background environment. 

At present, there are two types of glare control: built-in glare controller and internal and external combination glare controller, the actual effect shows that the inner and outer combination glare controller has better control effect on light. For the characteristics of golf light fixtures, different glare controller can be used for the table and fairway, the green, so as to achieve better lighting control effect. The impact of stadium lighting on the landscape is also an important issue to consider.

Golf course is close to the nature of a leisure sports, to promote the green humanities landscape, designers to the lighting pole layout will put forward their requirements, and the stadium landscape, the combination of light poles as far as possible hidden in the tree greening, away from the open area of fairway. 

Golf is basically a one-way air movement, generally including the driving range and 18 (or 9, 27, etc.) hole, each ball is divided into three areas: tee, fairway and green. The pitch layout is very different, each fairway has a unique plane layout and a variety of obstacles, the length of the fairway from the 60-meter standard three-bar length to 550 meters of standard five-bar length range. Any fairway is different, so it is decided that the number of poles and lamps per hole must be individually designed to suit local conditions.

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