UFO high bay light

UFO high bay lights can be used in factories, workshops, warehouses, stations, parking lots, conference rooms, libraries, supermarkets, stadiums, convention centers and other lighting venues.

Application of UFO High Bay Light :

Pay attention to matters

1. LED high bay light and drive power must be installed in an open position, which is good for heat dissipation

2. It is necessary to clean the dust of LED high bay light and driving power source on time to ensure good heat dissipation.

It can be 4~6 meters away. If you want to brighten it, press 4 meters or 16 square meters. 80*100/16=500 lights. If you don’t want to be too bright, press 6 meters or 36 square meters. 80*100/36=222 lights

 Generally used in mines, warehouses, etc., is equivalent to places that need to be lit for a long time and have low requirements for color rendering index.

Distinctive Features of UFO High Bay Light:

First of all, for LED high bay lights, heat dissipation is the most critical. Because if the heat can not be effectively conducted, it will affect the service life of the lamp and even cause a fire. At present, other industrial and mining lamps in the LED market use centralized heat dissipation, and the performance and reliability of the lamps are poor. Razorlux LED high bay light module fin structure, lamp back hollow, convective heat dissipation, reduce chip temperature, improve light source reliability, reduce lamp failure, the lamp life can exceed 100,000 hours, saving more than 80%.

Secondly, for the application of LED high bay light, workshops, warehouses, workshops, etc., the lack of illumination is the most likely to cause accidents. Razorlux LED high bay light is designed by secondary light distribution to gather limited light to the effective working surface. Light mode can not only meet different lighting needs, but also ensure sufficient lighting in workshops, warehouses, workshops, etc.; it can enhance the uniformity of lighting, improve ground utilization and save energy; it can also reduce light pollution, light intrusion and make lighting more comfortable. .

On this basis, Razorlux LED high bay light also has three types of installation methods: ceiling type, boom type and loop type, which can ensure the requirements of different lighting places. It also adopts light source modular design, quick plug-in type, easy to disassemble and easy. Replaceable, easy to maintain, and convenient for customers.

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