golf course lighting

The 121th plenary meeting of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has just voted in Copenhagen, the Danish capital, to make golf and 7-man rugby The official event of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and 2020. This is golf after the 1904 Olympic Games, after a lapse of a century to return to the Olympic family, and rugby is the 1924 Olympic Games after the Olympic Games again.

The golf course lighting system can extend golf’s sunshine movement to the stars, while also increasing the use of the course to generate revenue from the operation. This is the use of lighting systems more consistent understanding, and on some specific technical indicators and maintenance problems, there are a lot of misunderstanding.

Golf Course Driving Range Lighting Design 

First, the stadium is brighter and better. In the initial contact with the field managers and the industry, we think that the night lighting on the pitch is brighter and better, it is better to turn the night sky into daylight. But this is not the case, the characteristics of the golf movement determines that it needs a specific lighting effect. As we all know, golf is a relaxing and relaxed sport, contrary to the exciting and passionate atmosphere of football and basketball.

Therefore, the LED golf course lighting is more suitable for the use of softer light, so that players feel like in the moonlight Swing and stroll. Furthermore, it takes 2 hours to finish a 9-hole golf course, 18 holes up to 4 hours, and so long exposure to artificial glare, the player’s eyes will certainly feel tired. In addition, the brighter the pitch means more power consumption, from environmental protection and cost-saving considerations, “The brighter the better” the lighting concept is incorrect.

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