Energy Saving LED flood lights

As another major component of urban lighting, urban landscape lighting also achieved good progress during the 11th Five-Year Plan period. Urban lighting industry, energy-saving emission reduction, the voice of green is getting higher and higher, with LED lighting products based on the application of urban lighting project therefore has a broader market prospects, is expected during the “13th Five-Year” period, “Belt and Road” Driven by other strategies, it still will show strong momentum of development.


Since its launch, “China Green Lighting Project” has been highly valued and strongly supported by the government and has achieved remarkable results over the past decade or so. Green energy saving is an important trend in the future for led lights china suppliers, the establishment of efficient energy-saving, safe and economical, effective management, environmental lighting system the whole process. Green lighting project is to promote the sustainable development of economy needs, is to improve lighting quality and level of assurance is an effective way to achieve energy saving and environmental protection.

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