Sports Venue Lighting

At the start of the 2014/15 season in the Premier League, the St. Mary’s Stadium in Southampton, England, is ready to give the fans a wonderful schedule this year.   The new 360-degree LED floodlight lighting system has been installed at St. Mary’s Stadium this year, making it the first European stadium to install brightest outdoor led flood lights lighting systems.

The St. Mary’s stadium was upgraded to the lighting system in order to meet the new standard of the Premier League’s lighting output.   St. Mary’s Stadium has been in contact with Vision Accendo, a lighting developer, since February this year, after a continuous 4-month project to replace the stadium’s lighting equipment. “We must first make sure that the roof structure of the stadium can withstand the added weight of the new floodlight lighting system to meet the required lighting standards,” he said. In this process, I learned that a technical term called ‘ flashing ‘ will have an effect on the slow motion shot.

By adopting High-quality LED products, we can eliminate this problem, “said Mark Humby, stadium facility manager at Southampton Football Club.” It is understood that the English Premier League is not allowed to exceed 6% of the lighting rate, and St. Mary’s new installed wholesale 120v led flood lights flashing rate of only 0.2%. As early as 1950, the predecessor of St. Mary’s Stadium was the first UK stadium to be equipped with floodlight lighting. In this year’s season, St. Mary’s Stadium will open another new chapter in the field lighting.

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