explosion-proof level of LED explosion-proof lamps

Then the order of the explosion-proof grade is how to arrange it. In addition to mining, the grade is three, IIA\IIB\IIC. The last explosion-proof grade in this one is the highest, that is, some manufacturers have the highest grade and the lower grades. Covered, just like the power of the luminaire, such as a 300W, then you can definitely replace the 200W.

Many users and customers think that they can only be the same as the explosion-proof level of their own drawings. Some buyback and find that the level is IIC and not IIB, then it is irrelevant because IIC itself is higher than IIB, so It is irrelevant to use and acceptance, but the IIB can not be used in the IIC place. There are requirements for the explosion-proof level of each luminaire. For example, the LED explosion proof light in the oil depot, IIB is used in it. It is not acceptable, it must be IIC level.

The user who can use the LED explosion-proof lamp warm light is still relatively small. It must be said that the difference between warm light and white light brightness is definitely big. The warm light is also called yellow light, the color temperature is only 3000K, and the color temperature of white light is 6000, the same. The big power is definitely white light, and many users think that white light looks dazzling.

This also depends on the user’s lumen requirements for each square, that is, the brightness requirements are not the same, feel the glare to buy a small power, the high brightness requires high power, in fact, as long as you do not look at the lights, it is not so dazzling In terms of brightness, he still has a difference with the metal halide lamp. I mean the penetrating power. The same large power is definitely the metal halide lamp, but the LED explosion-proof solves the shortcomings of the metal halide lamp.

Then those places will use warm light, just like the paint shop will use it, his light can not be glare, and to achieve the best natural light, so that the sprayed products will be good, other places are customer requirements For example, in the past year, there was a Sichuan power plant that used a few warm lights.

Of course, as industrial lighting, it is generally preferred to use white light, because people’s vision has a process of retreating. If it is warm light, the lamp itself has a rate of retreat. Therefore, it is good to use white light. Even if the white light is retreating to the end, there is no yellow light. The life of an LED explosion-proof light is 7 years old, and it is only for high-quality lamps, so it is still good for white light. The same power brightness is half the difference, choose the user, Razorlux explosion-proof lamp provides five years of problem-new.

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