UFO high bay light

LED lighting lamps used in the workshop are generally metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, fluorescent lamps (also known as energy-saving lamps) and LED energy-saving lamps, then, so many kinds of lamps in the broken, not light, how to repair, replacement so that the lowest cost? Here mainly said that the large factory used the led high bay light fixtures bad treatment method. From the above figure can be seen, small power SMD type, high-power integrated light source type led Miner’s lamp structure is the same, generally by the high bay lights shell (heat dissipation), driving power, LED light source (lamp bead), lens composition, the performance of the general bad is: The light is not bright, light a little light after a while, light flash flash.

In fact, the main bad is bad in the power supply and light source: Led Miner’s lamp is broken:

1. The high bay led light fixtures source is bad, the lamp is not perfect when assembling, the light bead and the radiator body cannot have good contact, the heat conduction paste spreads unevenly. In addition, if the light bead itself is poor quality, light time will burn.

2). Power supply is bad, some manufacturers because of chasing products low-cost use of inferior power supply, product quality is not qualified, the use of a long time will appear burning lights, lights flash a flash or light after a little brighter. Treatment method: SMD type can change the entire lamp board, high-power integrated type for the entire light source, it is necessary to pay attention to the heat conduction. If the power supply is broken, it can only be replaced directly. If it is a power source cause the led high bay lighting fixtures is not lit, the best light source also for new.

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