LED stadium lighting

For the design of LED stadium lighting, the core of the focus of course is the lighting effect, including the illumination level of the stadium, the uniformity and consistency of illumination, the influence of glare on the golfer and the influence of overflow on the surrounding environment. Due to the characteristics of golf itself, the lighting requirements of different regions are different.

 Tee, fairways and greens have different lighting requirements. Glare is another focal point that must be considered in golf course lighting design and one of the most complaining players. In sports lighting design, the definition of glare definition and numerical requirements of the standard is FIFA stadium lighting standards, the main factors affecting the glare lighting glare control features, lighting design and the surrounding background environment. 

At present, there are two ways to control the glare of the lamp: the built-in glare controller and the combined glare controller inside and outside, the actual results show that the combined glare controller inside and outside has a better control effect on the light. For the golf course lighting features, you can use different glare controller for tees and fairways, greens, in order to better achieve the lighting control effect.

The impact of stadium lightingon the stadium landscape is also an important issue that must be considered. Golf course is close to nature, a kind of leisure sports, to promote the green cultural landscape, the designers of the pole layout will put forward their requirements, combined with the stadium landscape, the poles as possible hidden in the trees and greens, Stay away from the fairways

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