400W Football Stadium Lights

Razorlux 400W Football Stadium Lights With UL, DLC, SAA Listed

Razorlux 400W football stadium lights are our new LED sports lighting. It is multi-function design,and suitable for all projects.The use of high-quality pure aluminum die-casting, first-class heat dissipation, very high corrosion resistance, the surface after repeated anti-corrosion treatment.

Pure aluminum football stadium lights are characterized by environmental protection, energy-saving, security, fashion, better to ensure the power-driven cooling, effectively extend the driving life, to ensure the life of the whole LED lights.

football stadium lights
football stadium lights

Razorlux 400W Football Stadium Lights With UL, DLC, SAA Listed

Introduction of football stadium lights:

For football stadium lights, whether for an indoor football arena or outdoor field, invest in an LED lighting solution from Razorlux. We offer the high power football stadium lights. Our products include 400W stadium lights for the basketball court, cricket field and football pitch, and 1000 watt Led flood light for Indoor and outdoor stadium.

Razorlux produces high quality, state-of-the-art and affordable football stadium lights. Our LED football lights meet the standard of the lighting requirements of the football regulatory bodies such as FIFA, UEFA etc.

Our LED football field lights boast of ultra-bright and brilliant illumination, besides the excellent ground surface reachability.

Our anti-glare technology curbs the unwanted impacts of flickers on the spectators and players alike.

Razorlux offers tailor-made lighting solutions for the game of football around the globe. We have put in years of research before we finally came up with these excellent football lights which are both cost-effective and energy-saving.

For years, football stadiums have used metal halide lights to lighten football pitches. However, recently they have been making use of football stadium lights , which have been applied in so many other areas ranging from Christmas lights to city street lights.

football stadium lights
football stadium lights

Features & Characteristic of Football Stadium Lights: 

Rated Power: 400w

Power Supply: Meanwell, Razorlux

Input Voltage: AC110-480V

Color Temprature: 2700-6500K

Lamp Efficiency: 130lm/w

Beam Angle: 15°, 20°, 30°, 60°, 120°, 140*60°

IP Glass: IP65, IP67

Its special football stadium led flood light should normally be installed with 400 watts, 600 watts and 800 Watts three to meet the requirements of the luminous flux, color rendering and color temperature of the field during the night events under different weather and light conditions. Lamp Pole Height is 8 meters, lighting design standard reference is 300Lux, protection grade is IP65, IP67.

Advantages of Football Stadium Lights: 

1.The coat of the 400W football stadium led flood light is made of high quality pure aluminum die-casting, first-class heat dissipation, very high corrosion resistance, surface multiple anti-corrosion treatment.

2.The color of the coat is not paint, but sprayed powder. Compared to painting, powder coating is not easy to fade.

3.Lens of LED sport lighting is tempered glass material, whose advantages are rich optical parameters, with high light transmittance (3mm thickness penetration of 97%), high temperature characteristics.

4.The power of the light is used in Meanwell power supply, which has the characteristics of stability.

5. Zhihai's most powerful football stadium LED floodlight, the Arena 400 Watt produces a massive 48000 lumens which makes it perfect for football stadiums, golf courses or other sports LED lighting. It is constructed from top quality components, it is IP67 rated and anti corrosive making it ideal for any environment.

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