Indoor Badminton Stadium Lighting

In the middle of the last century for quite a long period of time, the venue lighting is basically a badminton row lights a solo show. 

Social development, scientific and technological progress, promote the stadium lighting and lighting changes, constantly updated. Since the end of the last century, widely used in badminton court lighting, there are 400W metal halide lamp (400W halide lamp), high-frequency electrodeless lamp, U-type and spiral high-power energy-saving lamps, led high-power energy-saving lamps, such as a variety of stadium lights.

 Into the 21st century, in the U-type and spiral high-power energy-saving lamps, when the number has a 6u-60w Qingdao Frank no glare hazard high frequency energy-saving lamps. Proprietary no glare hazard and no stroboscopic effect hazard, sunlight color, color-rendering index up to 85 of technical quality. 

The illumination effect has the light color pure white, bright, clear, comfortable, does not have the glare, does not dazzling and the aerial positioning accurate and so on, in the developed city high-end badminton stadium illumination is more widespread application.

LED high-power energy-saving lamps, in many factors of interest, driven by almost overnight burst red. But there are a lot of people who play, led high-power badminton court lighting, color temperature is too high, light color green cold, low color index, light color is not comfortable. 

The light stabs the eye, shakes the eye, the glare harm is serious. Players often play in multiple angles, multiple positions, only to see the glare of the screen, can not see the badminton body, can not play. has more badminton Hall, began to choose no glare hazard of the special stadium lighting, instead of replacing led high-power energy-saving lamps. Therefore, this article no longer on the LED high-power energy-saving lamps for comparative analysis.

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