golf course lighting

Golf is basically a one-way air exercise that typically includes driving ranges and 18 (or 9, 27, etc.) holes, each of which is divided into three zones: tee, fairways, and greens.

The course layout is very different, each fairway has a unique layout and a variety of different obstacles, the fairway length of 60 meters from the standard length of three to 550 meters of the standard five-bar length range. Any fairway is not the same, so that the number of poles per hole and the number of lamps must go through a separate design, according to local conditions.

Stadium lighting and light source type of choice

Metal halide lamps in the past due to its high luminous efficiency, good color rendering characteristics, become the main lighting used in golf course lighting.

The most commonly used type of lighting in the stadium lighting design

1000W (replace with 400W LED flood light),

1500W (replace with 500W LED flood light),

1800W (replace with 500W LED flood light),

2000W (600W LED flood light) four types of lamps,

Different companies choose different types of lamps because of their different lighting design principles and concepts.

Light color rendering index from 66 to 90, the color temperature at 3700 ~ 5600K.

In theory, these four types of lamps have their own wide range of applications, the resulting design will have different characteristics, causing the corresponding technical controversy. In front of the golf course have talked about the illumination requirements, in order to meet the illumination requirements, if the use of 400W LED flood light, it means more lamps and poles, while getting better uniformity and consistency, glare will be more Small; and the use of 2000W lamps means that the use of minimal lamps and poles, but the uniformity will be worse, more intense glare. Due to the above reasons, people are more willing to use 500W LED and 600W LED flood light to design golf course lighting, so that not only can choose the number of poles and lamps that are acceptable, but the uniformity is very good and the glare can be controlled well.

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