golf course lighting design

At present, the authorities have not yet seen the LED lighting requirements for the golf course, but the golf course lighting has began to develop. According to the international sports lighting design experience, the following is Razorlux lighting company suggested golf course lighting design requirements.

1, hitting area lighting. At the rear of the main stroke area, the pole lighting distance from the hitting area must be at least 5m distance, use a wide range of LED floodlight fixtures, so that the hitting area has enough light. At the same time also consider the scattered installation, to reduce or avoid the shadow of the batter in the area.

2, above LED lighting equipment can make the front of the batting area has enough vertical lighting, so most of the LED floodlights should cast the far forward, to make the ball flight path and hit area sufficient illumination, to enable the hitter can see the ball’s flight area and landing range.

3, the lamp pole and lamp layout also require consider adequate level illumination and uniformity. Try to minimize excessive light and shade change.

4, the installation of lamps and light direction to make the same as the hitter’s sight direction, to avoid the adverse effects of strong direct glare. Lamps on adjacent channels, to prevent direct light to become the direct glare of each other.

The field is bright and the lighting is good. This is one of the common misconceptions. Usually we see the pitch is more light refers to the ground or trees and other ambient brightness, which is horizontal lighting effect.

 At the same time is also from the light scattering from the lamp, these are direct light, more strong, less soft. But for players, the vertical LED Golf Course Lighting effect of the air is more important, because the players must see the Bai in the air flight trajectory, so the lamp must have a considerable amount of light projected into the air, to ensure the air lighting effect. 

If the pitch looks bright, the vertical illumination in the air is poor, as is the failure of the lighting project. In contrast, proper horizontal golf course lighting effects combined with good vertical lighting effects are ideal. Of course, the horizontal lighting effect and the vertical effect of the air can be achieved by increasing the number of lamps to achieve the desired effect, but this will be more power consumption, resulting in light investment and operating costs increase, for the club, this is also undesirable.

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