golf course lighting

Golf Course Lighting

With this, lighting design for golf courses are in high demand. New lights at golf course with lights, New lights at the driving range at the golf course, New lights at the putting greens which will be on tomorrow!!

golf course lighting
golf course lighting

Introduction of Golf Course Lighting:

Golf course is one of the most expensive sports today.  Golfers spend more than 200 pounds a month for clothing, clubs, and membership fees. Most of these players are in the higher class of society or wealthy businessmen, that's why golf clubs today wanted to maximize their profit by extending the play time till evening. This is also beneficial for the golfers because sometimes they don't have time to play during daytime.  With this, lighting design for golf courses are in high demand. New lights at golf course with lights, New lights at the driving range at the golf course, New lights at the putting greens which will be on tomorrow!!

light up golf course

Design Requirements of Golf Course Lighting:

Lighting for golf course is easy to do.  It is similar to area lighting, like outdoor carpark.  The only tricky part in golf course lighting is how you will deliver your design to the client.

There are some attempts for lighting designers to run it in flat surface like football field, but this is not correct.  Golf course has different lux level of contour line.  It is definitely not flat.  Little mound will create shadows to fairway, similar to the mounting position of the poles which sometimes are in high ground and sometimes in low level land which affects the lux level and overall uniformity requirements.

led golf course lighting

Today, we will discuss about how to light up golf range or the Teeing area. The Teeing area is where the golf course the golf course that one is where the golfers hit the ball from that. So this is the key so that the school the team ground and then I have here one example this is one of my project the golf course and you can see here I have 1 2 3 4 14 ground.Andthen this is the fairway.And this is the putting green the putting green is where the flag is located. So tonight I will tell you how to light the ground for the team.

There's a rule that you'd need to have cross or by golf course driving range lighting, so you will not creat shadow on the ball like this one.

Features & Characteristic of Golf Course Lighting:

Rated Power: 600W

Power Supply: Meanwell

Chip: Cree

Input Voltage: AC85-360V

Color Temperature: 2700-6500K

Lamp Efficiency: 120lm/w

Beam Angle: 15°, 20°, 30°, 60°, 120°, 140*60°

IP Class: IP65, IP67

golf course lighting

Advantages of Golf Course Lighting:

1. The use of high brightness imported chips, high brightness, low energy consumption, low heat, long life to reach 50000H.

2. Shell material: high-pressure cast aluminum shell, 4mm Tempered Safety glass characteristics.

3. Symmetrical and asymmetric two choices of light, glare control good.

4. Lighting and electrical integration, lightweight and beautiful shape, simple installation.

5. Dustproof and waterproof grade IP65, IP67.

6. High-power led cast light irradiation distance of up to 5-30 meters, especially suitable for landscape architecture contour, outdoor plaza, wall, sports venues and so on.

7.Patented all-in-one design, ideal product for all project.

Illumination level of Golf Course Lighting: 

Lux level(horizontal):ClassⅠ=200 lux, ClassⅡ=100 lux

Overall Uniformity: ClassⅠ= 0.7oU, ClassⅡ= 0.7oU

Bi-directional lighting to avoid shadow

Dedicated lighting, Low mounting height floodlights

Glare rating:50, CRI:60

palyground lighting

Why don't she get to Glock's with a point seven uniformity and class two it should be 100 Lux with points.So We need to achieve this 200 or 100 Lux.If it is close to 200 to 100 and if it's cast 1 then it's 200 but there is a catch.

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