Halep and Serena

Halep and Serena

United States, New York – Local time on Thursday, the 2018 season of the US Open announced the women’s singles match, and the quarters became a group of terrorist deaths.

The quarter of the world’s first Hallep includes 23 Grand Slam winners Williams and seven-time Grand Slam winner Williams. The Wisdom sisters will play as the No. 16 seed and the No. 17 seed respectively, and are expected to stage a family civil war in the third round.

The Romanian will face a severe test in the first round, against the top eight of the last year’s tournament. Serena Williams’ opponent is Polish player Rinet. Williams, who broke into the semi-finals last year, will stage a focus conversation in the first round with Kuznetsova, who is also a former champion. The latter just won the Washington station not long ago.

The former world’s first Mugurluza and Ka Priskova are concentrated in this area, the two are expected to meet in the fourth round, their quarter-final match is Halep or Williams sisters one. It is worth mentioning that the Spanish girl will face the Chinese player Zhang Shuai in the first round.

The defending champion, No. 3 seed Stevens led the 2/4 district, and her semi-final match was the top seed Halep. The two sides jointly presented two thrilling finals this year. The Romanian people laughed at the French Open and the Rogers Cup two weeks ago.

The first opponent of Stevens’s defending tour is Rodina, one of Wimbledon’s black horses this year. She may be in the third round against Azarenka, which is out of the card. If she can come to the second week, she will match the 15th seed Mertens in the 16th into the 8th, and the latter just defeated the American girl at Cincinnati last week.

Another big seed in the same district is the No. 7 seed Svetolina, who may have encountered the former World No. 2 A. Radwanska in the second round. This is the first time in the past decade that the Poles have played in the Grand Slam race as a non-seed player.

Georgs and the two-time US Open semi-finals Sevastova have been assigned to Zone 2/4 and are expected to become Stevens’ quarter-finals. In addition, Chinese player Wang Hao is also in this area, the first round against No. 31 seed Lebarikova.

The new Kevin champion and the winner of the 2016 championship, Kebel, defended the 3/4 district, and she will launch a second US net title in three years. Last year, the runner-up Case, who successfully turned over at Cincinnati last week, is expected to reunite with the German star in the fourth round.

The top eight Grand Slam winners are the No. 6 seed Garcia. The other two difficult hard bones in the same area are No. 10 seed Osta Pengke and No. 22 seed Sharapova, the first three. The opponents are Conta, Petkovic and a qualifier.

The /4 district is led by this year’s Australian Open champion and No. 2 seed Wozniacki. She will face the 2011 champion Stosur in the first round. Two-time Wimbledon winner and No. 5 seed Kvitova are the top eight potential opponents of the Danish star, and the recent hot Dutch sister Botens is expected to once again face the world number one in the fourth round.

Botens won the highest career title at the Cincinnati station last week. On the way to the road, he turned over Wozniacki, Kvitova and Svetolina, and finally reversed the world’s first in the final save. Hallep.

Another Chinese player, Wang Yafan, who was directly in the race, was in Zone 4/4. Her first round opponent was Schmidlova, and the second round is expected to challenge Kvitova.

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