LED high mast lighting

High mast lighting is one of our flagship product, then it, antique lamp manufacturer for everyone to say that the high mast lighting maintenance.

1, high mast lighting suppliers wire rope rope in the retractable process, on the other hand check the appearance of the wire rope condition, on the other hand pay attention to whether the rope overlap, Jiaogan, rust, broken stocks and serious stress and so on. Check whether the sliding parts are flexible and reliable.

2, replace the damaged light source electrical appliances, cables, and all fixed bolts to check whether loose, secure and reliable, positioning pins and automatic hook is flexible and reliable, serious corrosion should be replaced.

3, fixed at the bottom of the high mast lighting motor, gearbox and other transmission mechanism, should be closed as far as possible to prevent the coil damp insulation damage, check the gearbox is enough oil, the oil is black or impurities . Movable motor drive mechanism should be placed in a dry place, shake the table before the application of test its insulation resistance, not less than 1mω, to use.

4, china industrial led flood lights of the control circuit in the AC contactor, thermal relay, travel switch, command controller and other electrical control before operation should be fully and carefully examined and found that the electrical components should be replaced as soon as possible, is strictly prohibited sick operation .

5, the high mast lighting of the ground protection device, lightning protection device must be routinely checked before the rainy season each year, the grounding resistance test, less than the grounding resistance, should be less than 10W, should be promptly processed

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